Our Purpose


The Atlanta Walk of Fame is a 501 (c)(3) organization that firmly believes our future is better built on a past we honor; therefore, we do both. We preserve the history of well-deserved heroes who have richly given back to their communities with a striking commemorative Atlanta Walk of Fame star embedded in the sidewalks of various landmarks throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. In addition, we teach under-served youth how to be the heroes in their communities through cultural arts and educational programs, such as theater, film music, and dance.


Honor those who have laid a good path, and follow it to the end!


Join us for the Atlanta Walk of Fame’s TV/Film Acting Workshop. Open to ages 13 and up!  Taught by Loretta Chandler, an award-winning performer, writer, and producer coming this fall.  Stay tuned for updates!

Our Mission

To recognize and educate!

Knowing the effect a celebrity or public figure can have on a young person is key to our mission and it is why we feel it’s important to celebrate the contributions of well-deserved celebrities who have richly given back to their communities.  Further more, we believe it is our responsibility to encourage and teach challenged young people through cultural arts how to be the heroes in their communities and how to provide help or financial assistance to others in appreciation for their success.



The Atlanta Walk of Fame is fully aware that our future is better built on a past that we honor.

We respect and cherish the accomplishments of those that came before us, and we endeavor to train our future heroes to hold to the mission of service.


Each star will bear the recipient’s name who has enriched the quality of life in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Engraved in the center of each star is an emblem that represents the inductee’s vocation category.





Our cultural arts education programs will do more than show our youth how to be successful in their career choice; it will also show them how to manage finances and create generational wealth properly and how to set solid moral values that lift humanity.

Our youth programs will foster a desire to give back in the same way our honorees have chosen to serve their communities. We will further encourage our future heroes to believe in themselves and develop the ability to be more than famous; be worthy of your newfound status.


Each honoree will also receive a commemorative take-home plaque. For posthumous honorees, the take-home plaque will be given to a close relative or duly appointed representative.

A soft and hard copy publication outlining the contributions and history of each inductee will be made available to the public and press.

At a predetermined time, the Atlanta Walk of Fame will hold induction ceremonies open to the public.

In addition, the young people in our program will have an opportunity to meet at least one of our inductees and learn why they chose to support their communities.  A real one-on-one with their hero to be further inspired by the celebrity they admire.

Educational Program Goals:

  • To inspire each young person to believe in themselves and leave a mark on the world with their generous contributions and moral fortitude
  • To show our youth how to manage finances at an early age 
  • Enhance their skill-sets that cultivate integrity and trustworthiness
  • Encourage their desire to support others 
  • Show them how to identify and constructively respond to the needs of their communities