Atlanta Walk Of Fame Officers:



James A. House a.k.a. House is the Founder/Incorporator of the Atlanta Walk of Fame, Inc.

He is also a decorated U. S. Army Retired Veteran and a digital film-making graduate of Living Arts College in Raleigh North Carolina.

After moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1978 from Greenville, Mississippi, he began his acting career studying with the great Joe Behar. In 2003 after serving 20 years of military service, he founded the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, House Theater Arts Group, which teaches the arts to children of low-income families in Texas, North Carolina, and Georgia.

In 2010, he was also awarded the National Pan-Hellenic in the Culture Arts Category from the N. C. State University Council. In 2013 his work as a film director was instrumental in the film “Gospel Good, Gospel Bad, Gospel Ugly”, receiving best spiritual film at the San Diego Black Film Festival. James A. House is also awarded the prestigious Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award by none other than President Barak Obama in 2016.



Loretta Marie Chandler is the newly appointed CEO of the Atlanta Walk of Fame, Inc.

Best known as a writer, director, singer, and actress, Loretta is also a businesswoman who finds great joy in giving back to an industry that had given her so much, which is why her appointment to the Atlanta Walk of Fame is the perfect fit. Her company, LMC Production was one of the most innovative entertainment training platforms available in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Her years as the Multimedia/Film Director for Vision Entertainment Performing Arts Group (VEPAG) a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization provided opportunities and accessibility to multicultural artists and their communities.

Loretta is also the owner of Streaming Best, a multi-tier professional internet service company with a focus on building organizations through high-tech media platforms. With a realistic understanding of how the internet has transformed the way people communicate, her business focuses on helping the ‘little guy’ compete with the ‘big boys’.

Best known as the writer and director of “The Black Path Finder” you may also recognize her as ‘Dusty Tyler’ when she replaced Janet Jackson on the innovative television series “Fame”. A recent appearance on the “The One Show” in Europe allowed her to once again nurture her entertainment side on film, but her first love is the theater where she starred in numerous national tours, plays, and musicals, such as “Dream Girls” where her powerful performance as ‘Effie’ earned her an outstanding performance award. As a singer, she has also been featured as the lead soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Los Angeles, CA. 

With so many avenues of opportunity at her feet, Loretta is eager to bring her many years of dedication and service to the Atlanta Walk of Fame.



Jackie Epps is the Chief Finance Officer of the Atlanta Walk of Fame, Inc.

With a Master of Business Administration in Finance and a Bachelor of Science degree in Merchandising, Jackie Epps is uniquely qualified to serve as the Atlanta Walk of Fame CFO.

Her broad and rich experience in finance, communication, and customer service allows her to skillfully manage multiple priorities. Her ability to understand financial reports as it relates to non-profit financial terminology allows her to translate these concepts effectively.

For over 15 years, her proficiency in cultivating stakeholder relationships served her well as a Revenue Offer for the Department of the Internal Revenue Service. Her many years as an AP Specialist enhanced her ability to keep accurate transactions and at the ready for inspection at any given time.

Her dedication to this finance field brings great value when conveying budget strategies that meet the objectives of the Atlanta Walk of Fame board. Her background goes beyond the audits and financial reports, her proven track record of projecting into the future, and preparing financial options that meet our long-term goals and mission enhance her viability to our non-profit organization.



Haley Collis, is the Secretary for the Atlanta Walk of Fame, Inc.

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Sports Chair

Orlick Johnson is Chair of the Sports Advisory Committee.

As a former NFL linebacker with the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings, and NY Jets, Orlick, built a business that provides NFL-based fitness training along with teaching the arts of music, and theater to the kids in his community via after-school programs. Begin featured in an issue of “Moves Magazine,” which focuses on professional athletes who are creating a buzz and making positive moves in their communities, is further proof that he is the right person to chair the Atlanta Walk of Fame Sports Advisory Committee. 

Public Servant Chair

TBD is Chair of the Public Servant Advisory Committee.


Film Chair

TBD is Chair of the Film Advisory Committee.

Theater Chair

TBD is Chair of the Theater Advisory Committee.

Writer Chair

TBD is Chair of the Writer Advisory Committee.