Our Purpose

The Atlanta Walk of Fame is an enduring landmark tribute to entertainers of all genres and inspiring public servants whose passion and commitment to their vocation has significantly contributed to the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to recognize and celebrate the contributions of well deserved celebrities and public servants with a striking commemorative Atlanta star embedded in the sidewalks on Peachtree Street, N.E., downtown Atlanta, beginning at the Fox Theatre.

Each star will bear the name of the recipient who has enriched the quality of life in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.  Engraved in the center of each star is an emblem that represents the inductees category.

Atlanta Walk of Fame inductee categories are as follows:

  • Entertainment
    • Film (Television/Movies/Streaming)
    • Theater (Live Theatrical Performances)
    • Music (Bands, Solo Artists, Groups, Orchestras, etc.)
  • Sports
  • Public Service (Politicians, Activists)
  • Writer (Books, Screenplays, Publicists, Reporters)

At a predetermined interval of time, the Atlanta Walk of Fame will hold induction ceremonies open to the public.  The honorees will also receive a commemorate take home plaque.  For posthumous honorees, the take home plaque will be given to a next of kin or duly appointed representative.

Atlanta Walk Of Fame

Nomination Process

Nominating Guidelines

View the criteria and deadlines set forth by the Atlanta Walk Of Fame Nominating Committee.


Nomination Form

Complete the official Atlanta Walk Of Fame Nomination form here online.  NOTE:  Only forms submitted online will be considered.